Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scent (sy)

So few weeks ago I've attended my friends Scentsy Launch Party, great stuff and there is so many scents to choose from. Well yesterday as I arrived at home from my accountant - got to do those taxes and the deadline is upon us - but I digress, so as I drive up to the house I see this package at my door and my first thought is "what is this, I'm not expecting anything" and then it hit me - my Scentsy Warmer, YEAY!
When I trying to choose warmer I was debating between this month Warmer of the month Baby's Breath which is stunning
as you can see

and the Heirloom which is equally beautiful and classic

I went with the Heirloom, as much as I loved the Baby's Breath the Heirloom fits my decore better and even if I change the colour scheme of my house it's classic so it will complement mostly anything.

Here it is, proudly displayed

and here working away

the scents I picked were "Thunderstorm", "Lucky in Love" and "Honey, Do"
love it. I think I just found my new addiction
Thank you Coleen

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