Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Mantel

Halloween is in just few days and the little Miss was helping me decorate our fireplace mantle to set the mood a bit more.

For the circle garland I used
1 sheet of 12x12 orange card stock paper
1 sheet of 12x12 black card stock paper
2 and 1.5 inch punch and I hot-glued them to a
rustic twine.

I was going to sew them thru the middle but I broke my sewing machine and the poor thing is at the repair shop for now so I had to improvised. Glue gun always saves the day.

The bats came from website. The template was big and I didn't like that so I scaled it down on a photocopy machine to the size I wanted it and cut it.
I didn't use card stock but a bristol board (aka poster board)as it`s cheaper.

Hope you like my Halloween Fireplace Mantel - can`t wait for Christmas so I can go really crazy on the decor

And here is a picture of the Little Miss hard at work on her craft while I was taking the fireplace pictures btw... the hairdo was her own masterpiece don`t blame the mom

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

*New* Christmas Card

A new Christmas Card design in my shop. Loving the simplicity and modern style of this card.
Remember the colours can be changed to suit your style
- traditional - red and green
- modern traditional - turquoise and red
- fun modern - pink, lime green, yellow
just to give you some options

Now available at Ideal Accents Designs on Artfire and

The beautiful photography was provided by a very talented Calgary, AB based photographer Jody Ann from J.A.C. Photography

Go visit her website she's truly talented - Thanks Jody!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Banana Muffins

I keep wondering why I buy bananas, ever time I do nobody eats them and then I have to throw them out but if I don't buy them everyone want one so I buy them and the vicious cycle continuous...
Yesterday I had 4 brown bananas at home and said to myself I have to make something out of them since it's such a waste to keep throwing them out.
I didn't want banana bread first of all because only daddy will eat that and daddy's not home and second of all the recipe I have for banana bread isn't all that great, so I have to find a new one but that means experimenting and I didn't think Little Miss would be up for making something that she can't eat later just in case, so I thought muffins.
However I find muffin recipes somewhat complicated so even though I didn't want to experiment I opened the laptop and thought I'm going to make the first "easy banana muffin" recipe I can find and I found it Awesome Banana Muffin Recipe at Cat Can Cook blog.
Super easy, and even if you don't bake you can't mess this up (ha, ha, ha)
They were super moist and super delicious just like Catherine the blog owner promised.
Confession... I had two and LOVED them and I don't eat starchy food or anything made with flour.
I love her blog and recipes, and here is the link to her Awesome Banana Muffin Recipe again.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ghost in a window

Halloween is near and I thought I start setting the house up with some fun a spooky decorations. Little Miss is not very fond of the scary stuff and neither am I so we go for the fun ones.
Last year I saw a project at Ghost in a Mirror on Martha Stewart website and thought this would be great.
So here is my version of the ghost but in a window.
All you need is the template from Martha's website and a sticky film, she recommends the frosted-glass window film, I didn't have that but I did have a roll of a white dry eraser film from the DollarStore so I used it and I think it turned out fine.
And if you're planning to do the ghost on a mirror like she did a white piece of paper would work too.
Have fun making your Ghosts in a Window!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Paper Pumpkin

It's a Thanksgiving weekend here is Canada and some of you are having your Turkey dinner on Sunday and some on Monday but if you're still looking for that last minute home decoration or a table centerpiece before your guests arrive, consider this paper pumpkin it took me all 45 minutes from start to finish, the embellishment I think took longer then putting the shell of the pumpkin together.
I found this super cute and easy tutorial on Craftiness is not Optional blog just took it up a notch as I was making this as a gift for my aunt.

So the fill is a piece of coppery organza plus I added some leafs and and used two types of paper as you can see the patterned paper is much thinner(NOT recommended) so next time I'll be using the thick scrapbook paper for sure.


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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's new at Ideal Accents Designs

Well it's October, the weather get colder the leafs are turning, my favourite time of the year but no matter how had you try not to think about it Christmas and Holidays are slowly starting to be on everyone's mind.
And soon enough there it's going to be time to send those Christmas and Holiday Cards again, no worries they have arrived.
Starting now I'll be adding new designs and styles to my Ideal Accents Designs on Artfire store Ideal Accents Designs almost daily and always keep in mind that if you don't see anything you like, ask, I do custom orders too.

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