Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Mantel

Halloween is in just few days and the little Miss was helping me decorate our fireplace mantle to set the mood a bit more.

For the circle garland I used
1 sheet of 12x12 orange card stock paper
1 sheet of 12x12 black card stock paper
2 and 1.5 inch punch and I hot-glued them to a
rustic twine.

I was going to sew them thru the middle but I broke my sewing machine and the poor thing is at the repair shop for now so I had to improvised. Glue gun always saves the day.

The bats came from website. The template was big and I didn't like that so I scaled it down on a photocopy machine to the size I wanted it and cut it.
I didn't use card stock but a bristol board (aka poster board)as it`s cheaper.

Hope you like my Halloween Fireplace Mantel - can`t wait for Christmas so I can go really crazy on the decor

And here is a picture of the Little Miss hard at work on her craft while I was taking the fireplace pictures btw... the hairdo was her own masterpiece don`t blame the mom

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