Sunday, October 16, 2011

Banana Muffins

I keep wondering why I buy bananas, ever time I do nobody eats them and then I have to throw them out but if I don't buy them everyone want one so I buy them and the vicious cycle continuous...
Yesterday I had 4 brown bananas at home and said to myself I have to make something out of them since it's such a waste to keep throwing them out.
I didn't want banana bread first of all because only daddy will eat that and daddy's not home and second of all the recipe I have for banana bread isn't all that great, so I have to find a new one but that means experimenting and I didn't think Little Miss would be up for making something that she can't eat later just in case, so I thought muffins.
However I find muffin recipes somewhat complicated so even though I didn't want to experiment I opened the laptop and thought I'm going to make the first "easy banana muffin" recipe I can find and I found it Awesome Banana Muffin Recipe at Cat Can Cook blog.
Super easy, and even if you don't bake you can't mess this up (ha, ha, ha)
They were super moist and super delicious just like Catherine the blog owner promised.
Confession... I had two and LOVED them and I don't eat starchy food or anything made with flour.
I love her blog and recipes, and here is the link to her Awesome Banana Muffin Recipe again.

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