Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer's Over

It's been busy and crazy around the house since grandma left and today is Monday of the Labour Day Weekend and tomorrow is back to school day. Everyone is so excited about their kids going back and the kids seem very exited too, even my own who's only starting pre-school.
Wow, where did the time go, she's already 3.5 but it seems like it was yesterday when she was born...
Don't get me wrong I'm excited for her, I'm excited for the new friends she'll meet and for all the new things she'll learn, and she's beyond thrilled
she bought a new backpack and she's ready to go - bless her heart

And on one of the blogs I follow I{heart}naptime I found these super cute printable for back to school pictures, I'll be printing out so I can take Natalia's pictures before she leaves.

I know I could make my own but they were just too cute so why improve on something already well done.

I'll be posting my own back to school printable too but that's tomorrow so please come see me then.

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