Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purple Castle Birthday Invitaion

Today is or I should say was because it's almost over (11:50pm) 23 March, that would be 2 days past the first day of spring. Yesterday I found a crocus in my backyard it was so exciting and it felt like ... yeah the spring is coming ... but here is a picture of of what we woke up to today - sucks

So I had to make a invitation that has more of a spring feel to it, welcome to the Purple Castle on my Etsy


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  1. hi there! wanted to reply about the lanterns in my daughter's room. they are from ikea- i got them on clearance around christmas time i think. they don't have the same ones anymore, but i know they still have some others. i have also seen a bunch of colors at hobby lobby in their party section.


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